Disability awareness



This workshop is essential for all Early Years practitioners in being able to understand and implement the Social model of disability and meet the duties of the Equality act 1010 which now has increased importance alongside the new SEND code of practice 2014.

Course content:

  • Disability in history Social and medical model approaches
  • Language and Terminology
  • Inclusive ethos and attitudes
  • Communication and partnership
  • What disabled children and young people say they would like
  • The unique child and reasonable adjustments
  • Inclusion

The workshop include the use of activities and games, which can be used with children and young people. There are also a range of materials used from sources such as Every Disabled Child Matters, MENCAP, SCOPE and other nationally recognised organisations.

Participants are encouraged to get involved and to build their confidence in developing an inclusive ethos and approach for all children and young people.

Course admin:

This course is available in a One or Two day format.

Minimum 10 and Maximum 25


Comments from recent participants

“It was very good and will be useful in my setting”.

“The training has helped me understand in more depth the needs of children with disabilities after watching the video”.

“The teaching was perfect”.


“I think it would be very good for staff to have full training even though we only have a few children with disabilities”.

“Thank you very much for the training very much enjoyed”.

“All the staff came out of the session and made lots of positive remarks”.

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