Early Years Area SENCO Information group.

The last meeting was held on 12th Sept 14 at the National Children Bureau, London.

It provided an opportunity for 50 participants from 23 LA’s to engage in professional discussions relating to the implementation of The SEND Code of Practice (2014). 

The event included a series of short presentations/discussions/networking and action planning for the next steps in your local areas. Invited speakers included Council for Disabled Children, DfE and 4Children. Their presentations along with the Code of Practice and other information can be found below.


Behavior and disability Millenium study research

EY Area SENCO network – PStobbs

P Snell Early Years SENCos September 2014

The first sessions was held  on 18th November 2013 1- 5pm at National Childrens Bureau, London

It was a great success with attendees from many London boroughs and surrounding Local Authorities where in addition to close discussion on the draft Code of Practice, the structure and topics for future events were discussed.

We were also very proud to announce that this and future events will run in partnership with the Council for Disabled Children.

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