Haringey Enhanced Skills

This is the ‘Enhanced skills for childminders’ forum homepage for the London Borough of Haringey.

Here you will find general forum information along with updates on future meetings.

The final course session took place on Saturday 16th July 2011. All attendees were presented with a personalised certificate and a resource bag. Everyone was invited to join the forthcoming forum meeting several times a year.

Four childminders have agreed to act as points of contact and will be in touch.

If you would like to contribute to this forum with your stories, experiences or ideas, then just email us and we will post it here.

 Next forum meetings:
To be notified

Previous training content

One    Understanding and exploring attitudes and beliefs about disability and inclusion;

Language, terminology, barriers and solutions.

Two     ‘Working together and in partnership’ with Parents, other childcare providers and professionals.          

Three  ‘What is important to me’ a parents view. A Guest speaker.

Four   Help or hindrance? Diagnosis and Individuality.

Five   ‘Understanding and exploring the links between early experiences, brain development, social and emotional well-being. Attachment theory, brain development, behaviour and understanding strong emotions in children.

Six     Identifying and celebrating unique qualities and achievements of individual children. Observation and sharing progress with parents and others.

Seven  ‘Making sense of my world’. How can you make your home and experiences more enjoyable for children with sensory impairments.

Eight  Autism, fun activities to develop attention and play, A Guest speaker.

Nine    Listening to disabled children’s views.

Ten   Open session, Individual areas of interest to be covered

Eleven Understanding and exploring approaches to communication. Using childcare passports to support inclusion.

Forum Locations
Sixth Form CentreWhite Hart lane


N17 8HR

Professional Development centre

Downhills Park Road



N17 6AR

Forum contact details:

Shubhi Raymond

(Team Leader – EY Inclusion Team)

020 8489 3498

07817 164745




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