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Church Park Consultants;

Since 2006, we have delivered Training, Consultancy, Project management and Keynotes in the highly specialised fields of Disability, SEN, Inclusion and the Early Years.

As our direct challenge to Covid-19, we are now delivering sessions focusing on Trauma, Mental health and well being within settings.

We currently use Zoom for delivery and please note that All our courses are solely for Settings and Local authorities with an agreed minimum number of attendees.

Our new courses

Risk, Resilience and Relationships (The 3R’s). 

Delivered to Two London LA’s, Promoting strong social, emotional and mental health of two, three and four year olds.

On line SENCO training from KCA and CPC

 Professional development for SENCO’s and practitioners working in PVI settings.

                             KCA.png  &  CPC Logo 19d.png

   Four highly affordable courses developed in close collaboration between KCA and CPC. The courses are ideal for existing SENCO’s in PVI settings who wish to update and consolidate existing knowledge, Practitioners new to role of SENCO or interested in becoming a SENCO and managers/owners who wish to understand and support the development of whole setting inclusive practice.

Introductory offer

All four courses can be purchased for £100.00 plus VAT.

Bulk purchases carry a significant reduction in price. 

For more information please email us at office@cpconsult.co.uk

Inclusive environments

This course will provide participants with the opportunity to understand the importance of providing inclusive environments for all children they work with.

Are you looking for quality SENCO training with a proven track record for excellence?

Since 2008 CPC has been delivering the highest standard of SENCO training. now updated to reflect the Dfe SENCO specification and job role. This course is run over 3 days with gap tasks and reflection and introduces participants to current resources and tools to support them to carry out their roles.  


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