Tuning into Two Year olds

An overview: This professional development course will provide information and insight for those working with 2 year olds and their families in relation to:

  • Achieving a deeper understanding of ways to promote all round development for 2 year olds
  • Recognising the many aspects of developmental journeys of 2 year olds and responding to their needs
  • Understanding the varying influences on a child’s earliest developmental stages within the family context and beyond
  • Enhancing the impact of the role of the key person for 2 year olds and their families through building positive relationships and understanding the importance of attachment, transitions and settling in for 2 year olds.

The event will also cover perspectives on child development and theory underpinning effective practice.

The course aims to:

  • Explore the dynamic nature of 2 year olds and what 2 year olds need us to understand.
  • Consider the role of the key person in supporting 2 year olds and their families, including transitions and settling in.
  • Enhance understanding of the Characteristics of Effective Learning in relation to 2 year olds.

This one-day course has been delivered several times with great success and some of the participants said:

  • ‘Thank you so much for a very motivating and inspiring day’.
  • ‘Very interesting, lots of ‘food’ for thought and practical ideas’
  • Fantastic and one of the most enjoyable courses I have been to (Worth giving up my whole sunny Saturday for) I think it should be delivered to all settings and should be compulsory for all to attend….especially if they are working with 2 year olds! Thankyou for fitting me into the course….even though it was full. I am truly grateful’.

Minimum 10, maximum 30 participants.


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